Frog @ease Floating Sanitation System

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Frog @ease Floating Sanitation System

Keep your spa clean and dazzling with the Frog @ease Floating Sanitation System. Its two-part system was designed for spas up to 600 gallons. The system takes the @ease Mineral Catridge and SmarChlor Cartridge and combines them to make fresh mineral water that kills bacteria in two ways.

The water will be clearer by keeping the pH levels where they need to be and softer because the water has been conditioned with minerals. You'll be using up to 75% less chlorine which contributes to softer water, unappetizing smells, and longer life span of spa equipment and swimsuits. Your hot tub will also be able to downgrade to monthly shock treatments rather than weekly ones.


  • Mineral cartridge lasts (4) months and the replaceable chlorine cartridges last approximately 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Kills bacteria with minerals and low levels of chlorine
  • Minerals condition water for a softer feel
  • Minerals help maintain pH levels
  • Cartridges are pre-filled- no fuss needed
  • Shock your spa just once a month
  • Treats spas up to 600 gallons
  • Up to 75% less chlorine
  • Gentle on spa surfaces


  • (1) 4 Month @ease Mineral Cartridge and (1) @ease SmartChlor Cartridge that lasts approximately 3 to 4 weeks. The the SmartChlor cartridge is empty simply replace it with a new one