ClearView 3" Scent-Trific Jumbo Tabs - 50 Pounds - Wrapped

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ClearView 3" Scent-Trific Jumbo Tabs Chlorine Tablets

ClearView 3" Jumbo Tabs are the economical choice for a slow dissolving stabilized chlorine tablet for your swimming pool. They contain 99% active ingredients (Trichlor-s-triazinetrione) and 90% available chlorine.

Jumbo Tabs can be used in a floating chlorine dispenser or automatic chlorine feeder for continuous sanitizing of your pool water. The tablets will not clog or gum up automatic feeders and are stabilized to prevent chlorine loss caused by the suns UV rays.

ClearView Scent-Trific Tabs Feature:

  • 3" Chlorine tablets
  • Scent-Trific low odor chlorine in a floral fresh scent package
  • Stabilized to prevent chlorine loss in direct sunlight
  • Can be used in Automatic and Floating Dispensers
  • 99% premium grade Trichlor
  • No gummy binders
  • Individually wrapped
  • Slow dissolving
  • Each tablet weighs approximately 8 ounces


  • 50 Pounds

Active Ingredients:

  • Active Ingredients (Trichlor-s-triazinetrione) 99%
  • Other 1%
  • 90% Available Chlorine